Smiley Face Theme First Birthday Party

Published: 19th September 2011
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My daughter's first birthday smiley Select a theme because it has a nice little round face and the sweetest smile. We get many ideas from different sites to make our birthday party memorable.

For invitations, I cut circles and drew a smiley face on yellow with a black marker. I wrote at the bottom, "You are welcome ...." Then I wrote the invitation information on the computer, print, cut the invitation information in the circles slightly smaller than the yellow circles. Paste the information to the back of the smiley face.


We have chosen some of our local park, because our house was not big enough to hold all the people you invite. The weather was ideal for March Fl. The high was 70 degrees.


For the cake, I decided to make cup cakes because it is easier to carry in the park, and you do not use forks to eat it. I have decorated them with glaze with lemon icing. I then whistled eyes and a smiling mouth with icing that I colored pasta with black varnish of Wilton. Four cookies, I wrote "Happy Birthday B ----" first placed them in the middle of a baking sheet with smiley cup cakes around it. The rest of the food was strawberries and banana with a dip fruit. Carrot sticks and celery with ranch dressing.. All the food you can eat with your hands. For drinks we had yellow squash and water.


For the decorations were white plastic tablecloths, balloons, ribbons of yellow and yellow. The centerpiece was five helium balloons, drew the smiley face. They were not just pale yellow plates and napkins yellow. Silo Tome cups yellow smiley faces and pulled out.

kids birthday party games:

For a game for older children, I created a little treasure hunt. I gave them a note with a clue which would lead them to the next clue, until they find the "treasure". We have hidden around the park. Taxes were the gift bags. The gift bags contained the clay, pencil, smiling face, Tootsie Pop, smiley face sticker sheet and a stick of chalk that looks like a glue stick.

There were two older girls, so I put in them, soaps beautiful works of bath and body, still brand book, and Tootsie Pop. I know all the favors are not very consistent with the theme, but there were children of different ages, and I wanted them to have something they would enjoy. I found that many "smiley" products are junked genre in my opinion. I also need to stay within my budget. We also had a newspaper birthday for our daughter when everyone wrote a special message in it, so she can read it one day when she is old enough. It is a very easy to use, very cheap. I'm sure if I had the finances I could be really carried away by this theme. It was fun!

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